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Steel is the world’s premier building material. Whether you are looking for a sturdy support for your climbing plants, to highlight a walkway or to make use of that little space in your garden that the sun always hits, our pergola kit range comprises of a variety of designs.


Building a custom A-frame is easier than ever with the rise of these modern kit home companies.

A floater frame is a little bit like an open box with no lid; it's a modern alternative to a traditional picture frame where the artwork is loaded at the front, into the open space. We found six A-frame house kits for sale for under $60,000. .

4 Bedrooms Approx Floor Area: 112.

. . Steel building kits come ready to be erected with simple, DIY-friendly bolt-together construction.

Showing 4 of 4 products. Introducing the Avrame DUO A-Frame House Kits – the perfect solution for those seeking a modern, minimalist home that combines functionality,.

Here are the best prefab A-frame house kits on the market today.

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“It’s empowering the clients to participate in the build,” says co-founder and principal Wilson Edgar. .

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4 Bedrooms Approx Floor Area: 112.
Now, we’ve taken things a step further with BuiltBy Den.
DESCRIPTION: FLOOR PLANS: Customize your pod house by adding one or more add-on rooms.

The DIY A-frames from Den, an American company, come in three colors and sleep two.

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Obviously kits like this are really only suitable for a pretty limited number of use cases (think single people, overnight vacation stays, etc). .