Here are five common toxic things they may say about their ex-partners and what they really mean – the last few may surprise you.


I want to be vile, toxic, mean, fatphobic, transphobic, a bigot, racist, anything that pisses people off. Reddit: How cutting off toxic people made my hair grow 🤣: The first time I FaceTimed my bf, I had high puff and he was talking about how I don't look presentable.


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So, it’s safer to end your time together at the first sign of trouble. Keep in mind that this toxicity is often confined to specific subreddits. "I need to be perfect, because if I am perfect, my bf will always.

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Realizing this might be one of the most important realizations in your life. . Search Reddit posts and comments - see average sentiment, top terms, activity per day and more.

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TW: Anxiety, anger issues, abuse.

Reddit posts have been analysed for toxic content.

It was the. my selfishness and careless actions lead us to breaking up.

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2 million Reddit users found that around 16 per cent of people wrote toxic posts and 13 per cent wrote toxic comments, such as direct insults.

"Just because you’ve had trauma in your past, that doesn.

May 24, 2023.

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'. . . Apr 15, 2023 · 1) When people are with you, they end up feeling worse about themselves because you make them feel guilty; belittle, humiliate and criticize them; and blame them for any problems you have. .


. Fans took to Reddit to discuss which fandoms have the worst of this behavior to help others avoid unnecessary drama.


we are both arguing about my 1st ex before her(i have detachment issue thats why i have a hard time cutting people to my life,i cant even cut my friends that are so bad to me).


These thoughts I have and my behaviors resulted in me losing.

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